Legion Black- Frieman The Minstrel

Early One Morning - Mistress Alina nic an Bhaird

Olyeg the Quiet - Lusty Young Smith

Borne of the Storm - written by Mistress Olrun Elidasdottir (Sang by THLady Brenna O'Duynie)

The Wild Hunt - THLady Mebd inghean Daire (Current Kingdom Bard) (Maeve Ingun Dare-uh)

Ode to the Jesters - THLady Sula Allrasystir

Shield That Shook an Army - THLady Brenna "Froggie" O'Duynie

Mead for the Servant - Juan Carlos Santiago y Benevidez de Villa Lob by Lord Eideard Doomhand and willed to the people

The Oath-by Lord Shadowbane

The Slain - Lady Sadie D'Orleans One of our youngest original song smyths at 16,

Storm Born-THLady Sula Allrasystir



A while back I started a project researching the names given to the GOA level awards here in Atlantia that are named after creatures (Kraken-Heavy, Sea Stag-Teaching Fighting, and Golden Dolphin -Service). What I found out from interviewing some early Atlantians who helped name these awards was that there's no real backstory---they thought an "Atlantis Theme" was cool.  So I've sent out to integrate actual Atlantian history into legends and myths that could be used in ceremonies, lore, anything the populace wants.  I'm also working with our current Poet Laureate on compiling these along with poems about the other awards that aren't beasty based into something a little more comprehensive.   This is the first of the Straeon Atlantiadd (The Atlantian Stories in Welsh): The Sea Stag. 

Season 3: Episode 3: Thank you To My Teachers and Mentors!


Gideon takes you through a playlist comprised of folks who have guided him on his journey as an apprentice and a bard.  Songs from: Mistress Rosalind Jehanne, Effenwealt Wystle, Master Johann Von Solothurn, Sir Bryce de Byram, Mistress Analeda Falconbridge, Mistress Wyndreth, Lord Drake Oranwood, Lord Nicholas Sutton and many others.  :-) 





These Hands--Lady Arwa al-Jinniya 

Northshield Lullaby--Lady Sarah Loring 

Fly with the Griffin--Master Ingus Moen

Widow's Lament--Lady Merit de la Rose von Windhaven

Star of the North--Viscountess Wander Riordan, OL

Katherine's Song--Lord Marcial de Salas

Translation into Old Norse of Skjaldvør (known as Wyndreth)'s Norse Counting Song--THL Eyja Bassadóttir

Raethr Fenrir--Mistress Skjaldvør Kormáksdøttir (known as Wyndreth)

Shield My Kinsmen aka the Northshield National Anthem --Mistress Skjaldvør Kormáksdøttir (known as Wyndreth), performed by a crowd of Northshielders

Season 3: Episode 1: Treasures & Rarities


Let Season Three Begin! 
Your loyal host and curator Lord Gideon ap Stephen is back and has brought a handful of delightful treasures and rarities with him.  Tracks from Atlantia, Glenn Abhann, Lochac, Northshield and The Midrealm!  Exclusive recordings from Northshield Bardic Madness and one of the most sought after tales in the Knowne World. 
Playlist coming soon :)

Special Song Release


 You may have heard of some of the trials my kingdom has undergone as of late, and hopefully you've heard of the good and gentle folk that have stood up in the face of really, really bad things.  One of those standing first was Duke Cuan Macdaige. I had complimented Duke Cuan on the good work he had done in the stand our populace has taken against predators and people who wounded and divided our Kingdom. He told me that if I wanted to thank him, I'd write a song--but not about him. He wanted a song about how Atlantia is bigger than any one bad person. A song defining Atlantia as a people in service to a dream, not to any man. I collaborated with my brother bard Master Johann, and this is that song.

An Elegy for Syr Aldrydd Ffestiniog and Others of The Chivalry We Have Lost: An English Sonnet

This is a reading of the sonnet I entered as part of the Poeta Atlantiae competition at Ruby Joust.  This poem was read aloud in court as a memorial to Syr Aldrydd (mka Rich Stryker).  I had received requests for a recorded reading, so I produced this short mini-sode.  

Where Lay we the hero with his heart and

hands stilled? Where lay we these most revered bones?

Be there a tomb that can hold such a man 

Be there craftsmen to carve such a stone 

Shall we bury his sword and give it to rust

Shall his shield bear his weight one last time

Return the white belt and spurs in his trust

as to heaven’s high spires he climbs

Shall his chain be returned to his king

for such a soul can no longer be bound

For we forget the last line of the oath we all sing

when we bend knee to sovereign and crown

We mourn the loss now of our comrade and friend

til death takes us or til the world ends.

Ld. Gideon ap Stephen

Season 2:episode 3: POWERFUL WOMEN


(Intro and Outro by Harper an Cu-Royal Bard of Atlantia) 

Harvest-Lisa Theriot

Northern Virtues- Lady Emer Nic Aiden

Valkyries Lullaby- Mistress Sionann in Ui Fhlaithbheartaig

At What Price Honor?-Baroness Morgan Wolfsinger

One of Us (Live)-Heather Dale

Follow Me-Mistress Analeda Falconbridge

Four Sails-Baroness Gwendolyn the Graceful

Undefeated (Die, Die, Die!) -THL Lucia Elena Braganza (courtesy of the Shava Sue Channel) 

The King and His People Are One-Mistress Rosalind Jehanne

I am Able- Lady Ambra

It All Winds Up In The Glass- Lady Bieiris de Romans

Lifeblood-Mistress Wyndreth aka Savage Daughter

The Elfin Knight-Harper An Cu