Season 1: Episode 2: Kingdom Anthems Volume 1

In this special edition of the KWB we raise our voices to praise our respective homelands as nine of the twenty kingdoms of the SCA come forward to sing of the prowess and glory of their lands. An Tir, Trimaris, Ansteorra, Atlantia, Aethelmearc, East, Middle, Northshield and Glenn Abhann all lend their voices to this 60 minute journey through Kingom Anthems.  No panel this month but many songwriters and performers introduce the tracks from their homelands in great detail :) Hosted by Gideon ap Stephen from the Barony of Hawkwood in the Kingdom of Atlantia. 


Intro/Outro Music: An Autumn Morn in Aethelmearc by Ld. Christian Goldenlok

Roar-Master Galeran Chanterel & THL Mea Passavanti--Kingdom of An Tir

The Brave and Bonny Host-written by Roger Shell, performed by Master Galeran Chanterel and THL Mea Passavanti--Kingdom of An Tir

The Anthem of Trimaris written by Mistress Warjna Waleska Waleska Katzimir performed by THL Mea Passavanti and Master Galeran Chanterel Kingdom of Trimaris by way of the Principality of the Summits

Stand Brother Stand by Eleanor Fairchild -Kingdom of Asteorra


Rising of the Star written by numerous bards of Ansteorra and performed by THL Brendan O Corraidhe -Kingdom of Ansteorra


Fair Lady Atlantia by Master Efenwealt Wystle -Kingdom of Atlantia


Atlantia, My Home by Ld. Johann Von Solothurn -Kingdom of Atlantia 


Banners of Scarlet written by Baroness Gwendolyn The Graceful and peformed by the populace of Aethelmearc


Aethelmearc, My Camelot written by Baroness Gwendolyn The Graceful performed by Lady Silence de Cherbourg-Kingdom of Aethelmearc


Oriens Victoriosus submitted by Baroness Analeda Falconbridge performed by the populace of The Kingdom of the East.


Where Are The Dragons by Warder Andrew Blackwood -Kingdom of the Middle (Courtesy of The Shava Sue YouTube Channel)


Shield My Kinsman by by Skjaldvør Kormáksdøttir,  called Wyndreth performed by the populace of NorthShield (Courtesy of The Shava Sue YouTube Channel)


Awe Hail Glenn Abhann by Banbharun Alina nic an Bhaird -Kingdom of Glenn Abhann