Season 1: Episode 4: Reflections and Meditations on WAR: AKA The Pennsic Mixtape

In this, the fourth episode of the Knowne World Bardcast, tis the season for WAR! As The Knowne World converges on Slippery Rock PA for this year's Pennsic War we examine this ancient subject via the work of some of the biggest names in Bardic. Heather Dale, Ken Theriot, Mistress Rosaline Jehanne, Baroness Adelena Falconbridge and many more. No panel this month, just seventeen tracks to take you to or from the battlefield--in body or in spirit! Hosted and Curated by Gideon ap Stephen of The Barony of Hawkwood in The Kingdom of Atlantia.


INTRO MUSIC: Drums Over Pennsic-THL Lorelei Skye 

1.Escarbuncle Banners-Master Michael Alewright

2.Sons of the Dragon -Garraed Galbraith

3.The Name of the King- Ld. Drake Oranwood

4.The Inkeeper’s Song -Jim Pipkin 

5.Beer is for Girls- Lady Isolde de Lenganoc

6.Savage Daughter-Mistress Wyndreth (Courtesy of The Shava Sue YouTube Channel)

7.Fight for You-Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge

8.One of Us- Mistress Mistress Marian of Heatherdale (MKA Heather Dale)

9.The Veil-Garraed Galbraith(Courtesy of The Shava Sue YouTube Channel)

10.All For One- Master Mateo Montero De Madrid

11.Warhorns-Ld. Andrew Blackwood (lyrics by Verrix Cathadanacos.)(Courtesy of The Shava Sue YouTube Channel)

12.Cyangaun War Cry-Master Corwin Breemor

13.Band of Brothers- Sir Kenneth MacQuarrie of Tobermory (MKA Ken Theriot)

14.Follow the Drum and Sword-Baron Jean Corbeau du Montagne

15.Hastings 1066-Thomas Bordeaux

16.Song Of Roland-Mistress Rosalind Johanne (Courtesy of The Shava Sue YouTube Channel)

17.Who Serves The Soldier-Ambra Michelli (MKA Samantha Moore )

OUTRO MUSIC: A Sinful Man-HL Sionann in Ui Fhlaithbheartaig