Season 2: Episode 2: ATLANTIA!

Legendary bards from the Kingdom By The Sea come together to sing the praises of their kingdom from the inception of Atlantia to the current day!


Atlantia My Home- Ld. Johann Von Solothurn

Shores of Atlantia-Baroness Julitta de Cheveaux

Heart of Atlantia’s Power-by Leonardo Capriolo   Performed by Master Donal Mac Ruiseart

Atlantian Bloodsong- by Lady Morgan Bloodsinger performed by Master Effenwealt Wystle

Heart of Atlantia- by Master Dunstan Le Herryngmonger

Jewel of Atlantia by Mistress Rosalind Jehanne

Atlantian Fury by Lady Fennick 

Argent and Azure-Lady Ambra

Atlanta’s Prize and Atlantian Warsong-Master Bryce de Byram

Atlantian Steel- Lady Ambra

Fair Lady Atlantia- Master Effenwealt Wystle