An Elegy for Syr Aldrydd Ffestiniog and Others of The Chivalry We Have Lost: An English Sonnet

This is a reading of the sonnet I entered as part of the Poeta Atlantiae competition at Ruby Joust.  This poem was read aloud in court as a memorial to Syr Aldrydd (mka Rich Stryker).  I had received requests for a recorded reading, so I produced this short mini-sode.  

Where Lay we the hero with his heart and

hands stilled? Where lay we these most revered bones?

Be there a tomb that can hold such a man 

Be there craftsmen to carve such a stone 

Shall we bury his sword and give it to rust

Shall his shield bear his weight one last time

Return the white belt and spurs in his trust

as to heaven’s high spires he climbs

Shall his chain be returned to his king

for such a soul can no longer be bound

For we forget the last line of the oath we all sing

when we bend knee to sovereign and crown

We mourn the loss now of our comrade and friend

til death takes us or til the world ends.

Ld. Gideon ap Stephen