Season 3: Episode 2: NORTHSHIELD!




These Hands--Lady Arwa al-Jinniya 

Northshield Lullaby--Lady Sarah Loring 

Fly with the Griffin--Master Ingus Moen

Widow's Lament--Lady Merit de la Rose von Windhaven

Star of the North--Viscountess Wander Riordan, OL

Katherine's Song--Lord Marcial de Salas

Translation into Old Norse of Skjaldvør (known as Wyndreth)'s Norse Counting Song--THL Eyja Bassadóttir

Raethr Fenrir--Mistress Skjaldvør Kormáksdøttir (known as Wyndreth)

Shield My Kinsmen aka the Northshield National Anthem --Mistress Skjaldvør Kormáksdøttir (known as Wyndreth), performed by a crowd of Northshielders