Season 3:Episode 7: Storytelling Special


A while back I started a project researching the names given to the GOA level awards here in Atlantia that are named after creatures (Kraken-Heavy, Sea Stag-Teaching Fighting, and Golden Dolphin -Service). What I found out from interviewing some early Atlantians who helped name these awards was that there's no real backstory---they thought an "Atlantis Theme" was cool.  So I've sent out to integrate actual Atlantian history into legends and myths that could be used in ceremonies, lore, anything the populace wants.  I'm also working with our current Poet Laureate on compiling these along with poems about the other awards that aren't beasty based into something a little more comprehensive.   This is the first of the Straeon Atlantiadd (The Atlantian Stories in Welsh): The Sea Stag.