Season 4: Episode 1: Ansteorra!


Welcome to Season 4! We kick off this season with a journey to the land of the lone star: Ansteorra. Curated by Ken and Lisa Theriot and Landon Blood, this episode is an amazing tribute to the land where stars at night are big and bright :)

Stand Brother Stand-Stand Brother Stand- Lady Elanor Fairchild

Willam Tell-Ken Theriot

Drink to The Sword-Grimolfr Einarsson

Hail Regina-Master Mateo Monter De Madrid

Sumer is Icumen In-Ermagerd Nobliss

I am Not Afraid-Lady Lucrezia de Alanis

March of the Star-Lisa Theriot

Mother, I will find a Husband-Cantus Precatus

One Star, One Army-Aibhilín inghean Daibhídh