Season 4: Episode 2: Bardic Pride!I (Revision)


We had to adjust some levels and add a new song and a new testimonial :)


Bryng Us Home Good Ale- Lord Geoffrey of Exeter

Sir Gawain’s Lovers-Lady Gwen verch David

Willow and the Rose- The Honorable Lady Milisandia filia Willelmi filii Roberti on lead vocals. Gentle Robbin Bowring on harmony. Lady Colette la trouvere on instrumentals.

Eriskay Love Lilt-Master Piaras Mac Toirdhealbhaigh on lead vocals. Gentle Robbin Bowring, Lady Colette la trouvere (Colette the Bard), and Milisandia on harmonies

The Princess and The Dragon-Lord Silenus of Mycenae

Farewell Beloved-Master Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev

Northwind’s Daughter-THL Hilla Stormbringer, OE

Pretty Duck-THL Margrett Norwoode

Argent, Azure and Rose (full studio version)-Gentle Juliana Byrd and Lady Colette la trouvere

I Walk Among You-Ermagerd

Mani, Bright Mani-Lady Colette la trouvere

Savage Daughter, No More.-Larkin of Northshield