Season 4: Episode 4: The Midrealm Episode!



Master John Inchingham-Watchmaiden

Mistress Lucia Elena Braganza-Only

Warder Michael McCay -I Long for a Love (fast version)

Count William of Fairhaven- Garlanda’s Song

Baron Andreas Blackwood-Ride With The Dragon

Child of the Dragon -Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht

Cerian Cantwr- The Pennsic Emperor

Lady Líadan Liathán -Rules of the Rapier Bard

Mistress Lorelei Skye-March The Midrealm Banner On

Lord Brendan O’Corrie- Oathbinder

Mistress Amelie d'Anjou-Song of Nothing

Lord Kari Kari Garanhirson -Vukasin