Season 4: Episode 5B: The Calontir Episode: Part Two: The Heart, The Land.


The solo bards of Calontir have their day in the sun in this the second part of the Calontir Episode.


Stand Beside Me-THL Adalyde Heloyz la Cantora
Strike The Drum-Master Mathurin Kerbusso

Compact Between Horse and Man-Mistress Dorcas Whitecap

Eislinn's War - by Mistress Morgana Bro Morganwg sung by Lady Melanie de la Tour

Lady Rose- THL Adalyde Heloyz la Cantora

Reign For All TIme-Master Dolan Madoc

Form The Wall-Lord Jon Chesey

Hardrada’s Last Stand-THL Johann Steinarsson

Harvest Time-Honorable Lady Elspeth Modlen Ferch Daffyd, sung by Honorable Lady Giovanna Canzoniera da Firenze. 

Two Gryphons-Lady Rosalie Langmod

We’re Calontir!-Lady Elaisse Garrigues