Season 4: Episode 7: Avacal!



THL Na Bieiris de Romans -Wrath of Achilles

THL Ádís Ulfsdóttir Avacal, Together We Conquer

Lady Cassia Machiavelli , Legend of Wernar

Lady Thisbe LaBlanchette of Aeriesgarde, Long Live Peter and Bronwyn

Master Thorvald Grimsson, Lady Hartley’s Lament

THL Na Bieiris de Romans , Altas Undas (Written by Raimbaut de Vaqueiras, English Translation HL Bieiris)

Lady Thisbe LaBlanchette of Aeriesgarde-I’ve got a story (Written by Matilda Morningwood)

Countess Karina de Elephantide, Absent Friends (Written by His Majesty Angar Skeggisson, Avacal