Season 4: Episode 10: Lochac! Songs from Across the Far Sea



My Lady, My Land - Performed by Mistress Finn, Written by Cilian an Sealgairof Blessed Memory

Uther and Portia - Mistress Margie of Glen More (the first Bard of Lochac) 

Songs of The West- Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen (also known as Eric The Fruitbat)

Always a Fire in Mordenvale - Lady Runa Hundardottir (a previous Bard of Lochac)

Blue Rose - Lady Gwen Verch David  

Two Sonnets by Baron Hrolf Herjolfssen (backing track by Master Johann Von Solothurn of Atlantia) 

Sons of Lochac- Baroness Annys Blodwell